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Host ATS Control Center Online Operate Remotely


Internet Automatic Train Supervision - iATS provides a new technical means - Internet for the real-time distribution of railway information, connectivity and remote control.


Monitor and Control ATS control center via Internet at real time, support iPad and mobile phone.


Existing ATS systems do not require any modification. Just provide a RS-232 serial port or RJ45 network port at ATS control center.


There are no hardware links and do not affect existing system usage. No interlocking links, which does not affect system security.

Server housing meets the highest technical and security standards

Personnel on site 365 days a year (also on Sundays and holidays)

Superb, redundant Internet connectivity.

Professional and Quality

The iATS system was developed by the SANWHOLE software team led by Norman Wong, a senior engineer at National Rail Transit who has been engaged in rail signals for more than 20 years. SANWHOLE software team has more than 10 years of successful research and sales experience in the general software market.


Consistent with Sanwhole's consistent rapid response and updates. You can see your iATS in a few months over the Internet and witness its growth.




Internet Computer Interlocking Classic Experience

In this example, iATS is directly connected to the interlocking system to obtain station information and send commands.










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Frequently Asked Questions






What is iATS services?

Internet Automatic Train Supervision  - iATS services duplicate and host your ATS control center over the Internet. With iATS, it is posible to access and operate ATS over the Internent  and operate remotely. 


What is the purpose of iATS?

This is a milestone-level technical upgrade. Staff, managers, and the public can get real-time access to the state of railway operations through the Internet. The meaning is extraordinary.









What modifications are required for existing ATS?

If only for supervision and not control, the existing ATS does not require any modification.























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