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Online experience computer interlocking control, understanding and sharing of modern signal technology, is no longer a layman.


China's economic take-off in the past 30 years cannot be separated from railways, railways in China positioning as the main artery of the economy. China's total railway mileage is 127,000 kilometers, electrification mileage 85,000 kilometers, high-speed rail mileage 23,000 kilometers, annual cargo volume of 2.1 trillion ton kilometer, annual passenger volume of 1.2 trillion people kilometer. The second, first, third, first and first in the world, respectively.

Modern signal technology has become an essential means to realize the effective control of trains, improve the ability of railway interval through ability and marshalling, provide real-time information to transport organization personnel, is the "central nervous force" of railway, and is one of the key technologies of railway train speed-up and development of high-speed rail. Occupies a very important position in the modern railway transportation system and has become one of the important symbols of railway modernization. Therefore, modern railway signal technology is already the essential knowledge and skills of railway industry personnel. At the same time, modern railway signal technology is also an important reference for transport practitioners such as highways, waterways and aviation.

SANWHOLE railway signal stands at the forefront of China's railway signals, presenting to you online the top technology and development prospects of China's railway signals from a unique internet perspective. You can manipulation railway signal station equipment at home, in the office or even on your mobile phone to experience the work of station duty officer. A detailed alarm record lets you know that the station interlock control process includes information such as the opening and closure of the signal, the locking and unlocking of the route, the occupation and clearance of the track, the position of the switch and the display of the line side signal etc. At the same time, the online chat system and article publishing system allows you to communicate and share with rail signal enthusiasts around the world in real time.

The purpose of the SANWHOLE Railway Signal Experience Center is: Let the layman see you are an expert, let the expert see you are not layman.

Become a SANWHLOE railway signal member, as long as a little investment, let you stand out from the peer and even difference in profession doesn't make you feel worlds apart.


Internet Computer Interlocking Classic Experience



·         Online experience computer interlocking control, at home, office even from mobile phone.

·         Multiple stations.

·         Real-time chat with rail signal enthusiasts around the world.

·         Share technical articles online permanently.

·         Exchange with Sanwhole railway signal experts.

·         Get value of $ 60.00 SANWHOLE Office software 1 year subscription.


1. iZTO Interlock Subsystem Display

1.1. Equipment

1.1.1. Signal

1.1.2. Switch

1.1.3. Track

1.1.4. Tags

1.2. Commands

1.3. Operation Alarm and Prompt

1.4. Device status

2. iZTO Interlocking Subsystem Control

2.1. Reboot Unlock

2.2. Route Operation

2.2.1. Receive Route

2.2.2. Departure Route

2.2.3. Shunting Route

2.2.4. Long Route

2.3. Route Release

2.3.1. Route Automatic Release

2.3.2. Shunting Midway Return Release

2.3.3. Route Cancel

2.3.4. Route Manual Release

2.3.5. Route Failure Release

2.3.6. Section Failure Unlock

2.4. Switch Control

2.4.1. Switch Lock, Unlock

2.4.2. Switch Block, Unblock

2.4.3. Switch Normal, Reverse Operation

2.5. Signal Control

2.5.1. Signal Emergency shutdown

2.5.2. Signal Repeat Open

2.5.3. Route Locking of Call-on

2.5.4. General Throat Locking of Call-on

3. iZTO Interlocking Subsystem Simulation

3.1. Switch Simulation

3.1.1. Simulate No Position

3.1.2. Simulate Occupancy

3.1.3. Simulate Clearance

3.2. Track Simulation

3.2.1. Simulate Occupancy

3.2.2. Simulated Clearance

3.3. Signal Simulation

3.3.1. Simulate Filament Broken

3.3.2. Train Simulation Simulate Train Running




















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